A Milky Miracle!

Our little flavoured milk drink hunger saviours have the same amount of sugar in them as a standard glass of semi-skimmed milk, meaning you can sneak the goodness out of milk into your child's diet without compromising on taste!!!

Our 200ml cartons contain No added sugar and
no artificial sweeteners

The best part is that the sweetness comes from the sugars found in milk - no extra is added. You can also be rest assured that there are no artificial sweeteners or flavourings

But how do we do it?

The range currently has three great tasting flavours... All with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners! They come in handy 200ml size cartons - perfect to fit in a bag when you are on the go and just enough yummy milk to settle rumbling tummies!


Where do these little guys come from and what do they have to do with yazoo milk drinks!?

*High in protein and source of calcium and vitamin B2, milk contributes to healthy bones and teeth, exercise and a healthy diet are also important.