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  • Why has the bottle cap changed?

    We have invested in new tethered lids which remain attached to the bottle. It might take a bit of getting used to, but this way there is no losing the lid and it ensures that both the bottle and the lid can be recycled. A match made in heaven!

  • Redeeming my Alton Towers / Thorpe Park Tickets

    Book your Alton Towers Resort promotional ticket at To help you enjoy your day safely the Resort has introduced new safety measures. For full details please click here

    To book your Thorpe Park promotional ticket For any further details please visit their website:

    All promotional tickets must be pre-booked to guarantee entry. On arrival at the attraction you are required to present the promotional voucher / pack along with your pre-booked e-ticket.* *If a valid voucher cannot be supplied, you’ll be required to purchase your second ticket at full gate price at Admissions and entry is not guaranteed.

  • What should I do with my YAZOO empties?

    We’re pleased to confirm that YAZOO flavoured milk bottles can be recycled, but please remember to remove the sleeve from the bottle first!

  • Can I drink YAZOO on a Halal diet?

    All YAZOO drinks are now halal certified.

  • What about the colours in YAZOO?

    YAZOO flavoured milk drinks are naturally easy on the eye. Our chocolate flavour gets its rich colour from all the cocoa in the bottle. Banana’s lovely yellow comes from yellow algae & seaweed, strawberry contains artificial beta-carotene to maintain its glorious colouring and our vanilla flavour doesn’t contain any colours at all.

  • Does YAZOO contain Gluten?

    We’re delighted to confirm that there’s no gluten in our YAZOO flavoured milk drinks.

  • Is YAZOO veggie-friendly?

    We’re delighted to confirm that YAZOO flavoured milks are suitable for vegetarians.

  • Where should I keep YAZOO?

    YAZOO flavoured milk is long life. So, until they’re opened they can be stored in the cupboard. We would always recommend chilling first, to enhance your drinking experience. Once opened, YAZOO flavoured mik needs to be treated like fresh milk, kept in the fridge & consumed within 3 days. We don’t think you’ll find this a problem!

  • Is YAZOO good for you?

    Got bones? Fingernails? Then YAZOO flavoured milk is your new best friend. Our flavoured milk drinks are naturally full of calcium, and milk is also brimming with protein. Both big ticks in the box for growing bones. It’s also officially lunchbox friendly. Schools in England & Wales have given YAZOO flavoured milk drinks a gold star!