• A Legend Is Born

    The UK has been loving YAZOO for donkeys of years (nearly 30 to be precise)…. We don’t like to show off but way back when, in 1987, YAZOO was the first flavoured milk to be sold in the UK, making YAZOO the original milk drink. We at FrieslandCampina launched YAZOO because we knew neon-wearing hipsters would love it. #joke #nojoke You can find out more about them here* *FrieslandCampina not the hipsters.

  • Where It All Began

    Dino the Dinosaur first appeared as the YAZOO mascot. He could be found on our bottles and he even starred in his own set of Milk Cap Pogs!! Today you can find him roaming the corridors of YAZOO HQ – true story.

  • Yummy Milkshake

    Dino the Dinosaur disappeared from YAZOO packs when he decided on a career change – being a mascot no longer cut it for him 🙁 We were heartbroken of course but an update to the packaging, reclosable PE bottle’s no less, and a fresh new pack design put a smile on our faces and catapulted YAZOO into 2005 – looking good.

  • Too Cool For School

    In 2007, our milkshakes were so good that children kept on drinking them into adulthood, and who could blame them?! We decided to change the bottle design to appeal to our new older audience. And we made sure mums were happy too by letting them know that YAZOO has no artificial ingredients or nasty bits.C

  • Change From Within

    In 2008, YAZOO gave its recipe a shake up. We reduced the sugar, introduced more natural flavours and we soon became school approved (gold star for us). We launched a new campaign called Milk Shaken Up and updated our packaging again to celebrate.

  • What a Difference a Shake Makes

    As YAZOO continued to grow in popularity with the old and young, we refreshed our packaging and launched the legendairy (soz) Moo Moo Campaign.

  • Vanilla is Launched

    The epic hits the Spot campaign was launched to celebrate our newest Flavour – Vanilla. It started out as a limited edition flavour but it proved so popular with our fans that we decided to keep it forever – nothing vanilla about our vanilla!!

    Yazoo Vanilla Drink!
  • Deliciously Good

    Things got crazy this year when we also decided to launch a brand new product – drum roll please… YAZOO Yogurt Smoothie, An amazing blend of yogurt, fruit and oats.

  • Yazoo Reshape

    We woke up one day in 2015 and decided to create completely recyclable bottles. They’re better for the planet and for the YAZOO, that providing a better barrier against the atmosphere, meaning the flavour and colour stays right where it should (woo hoo). With a unique shape, designed for a better grip. It looks a little lopsided, but it fits perfectly in your hands, not that your hands are a weird shape or anything… Um moving on…

  • Watermelon What?!

    We have some amazing fans, who come up with all kinds of crazy ideas and flavours! So, after a petition to create a watermelon YAZOO went big on our social channels, we created a once in a lifetime limited edition of Watermelon YAZOO! Yep. Watermelon!! It was crazilly delicious though. Watch the awesome video below!

  • Smooth(ie) Operator

    Our smoothies got a new face lift! Creating buzz and excitement around the epic combinations of Strawberry & Raspberry and Pineapple & Mango. And created a pretty cool game, even if we do say so ourselves #smoothoperators

  • Welcome to the #yazoostateofmind

    While the boss was away, we went a little crazy at YAZOO HQ and decided to share the #YAZOOStateOfMind with the world. We gave away 20,000 free YAZOO coupons to anyone that came to our site. We know, it’s a bit nuts! But that’s what YAZOO does to you – just don’t tell our boss!

  • No Added Sugar Launched

    2016 will go down in history as the year we launched No Added Sugar, changing the flavoured milk world forever. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we also threw in a new flavour just to create even more of a frenzy – introducing No added Sugar Toffee – could life get any sweeter?

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  • #shakeitup

    YAZOO continues to shake things up because hey life’s too short to be serious. There’s regular moo. Then there’s YAZOO. We take all of milk’s best bits, like calcium, protein and important vitamins. Then we shake them up to make them taste extra great. We’ve also given our website a bit of a shake up just to keep it on its toes… sure, it has toes, and we launched a game, for all of you who have never grown up. So grab life by the udders and #shakeitup

  • You Spoke, We Listened

    We listened to your feedback, and we re-named our No Added Sugar milk drink to YAZOO Kids. With a new Chocolate flavour replacing Toffee and lining up with Strawberry and Banana

    Yazoo Kids
  • Limited Edition Choc Mint Launched

    We noticed that our Flavour Mixers at YAZOO HQ had had their feet up for far too long, so we set them to work on a new range of limited edition flavours… Choc Mint was born… but is only available for a limited time!

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  • Limited Edition Choc Caramel Launched

    You were all so impressed with our Choc Mint Limited Edition flavour that we set our flavour mixers at YAZOO HQ the task of coming up with the next in the range of limited edition flavours… And they came up with Choc Caramel….. You’re welcome!!

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